Getting to Know Your Library

Even if you've lived there your whole life, there might be a lot you don't know about your library and your community. We'll get started with these worksheets in Member Orientation, but many details will be filled in with your Site Supervisor.

The Books! (PDF): We're a technology program, but there's still a lot to learn in books. Learn details of your library's collection using this worksheet.

The Community (PDF): In this worksheet, you'll learn the demographic breakdown of your community and the digital literacy needs of your community.

eBooks, Digital Media and Databases (PDF):  Now you'll learn more about the digital services your library provides to the community through eBooks, digital media such as online movies and music and research databases.

Library Computing (PDF): Operating a computer lab for the public has its own particular needs and challenges. In this sheet, you'll learn about the particular set up of your library's computers.

Resources and Logistics (PDF): An important part of any program is the set up and schedule of the room itself. On this worksheet, you'll get into the particulars of how to set up the room, register patrons, and more.

Marketing (PDF):  Unless you tell people that you're offering a service, how will anyone know that it exists? (hint, they won't) Use this worksheet to understand how marketing works at your library.

Policies (PDF): How should different situations be handled? Learn about your library's policies in this worksheet.

Volunteers (PDF):  After your year of service is over, who will take up the torch? In this sheet, you'll learn about the current state of volunteers at your library.

Filled out all of these sheets? AWESOME! Now take a look at the Steps to Success.