What Do Members Do?

What Guiding Ohio Online AmeriCorps Members Do:

Plan, schedule and conduct computer training in a classroom setting. (e.g., prepare materials and teach sessions, obtain training materials, equipment & supplies). Demonstrate comfort and ease speaking in a classroom situation. Organize presentations of information into logical sequences and/or step-by-step processes.

Work with inexperienced learners in one-on-one assistance either on a drop- in basis or scheduled appointments. Explain complex technological concepts in simple and clear terms through effective instruction. Use images and graphical representations to support language-based explanations.

Develop new computer training. Provide ideas for, plan and lead new technology training based on needs in the community.

Engage the community. Make connections with individuals and volunteers in the community for program outreach and program enhancement. Respond to community needs through surveys and other tools.

Market computer training and other digital resources. Prepare and distribute fliers and/or correspondence to announce training programs.

Coordinate Volunteers. Train and assist volunteers to sustain program after the member’s term of service is complete. 

Maintain Records.  Maintain accurate records of training programs offered and participants in each.

Plan and execute Additional Community Service. Participate in community service activities with other AmeriCorps members on required days of service such as Make A Difference Day.

Perform specific duties needed by the community. Based on the needs and demographics of the community served, members may perform functions to serve targeted populations such as technology training in low income housing.


How Guiding Ohio Online Members Act:

Flexibility. Demonstrate flexibility and an eagerness to learn new ideas.

Show interest in helping others. Alleviate barriers to computer and internet adoption and their learning process.  Display comfort working with a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.

Support colleagues. Assist coworkers, fellow AmeriCorps members, site supervisor, and administrative staff in duties as appropriate and necessary.

Communicate. Consult with Site Supervisor on issues, or concerns, offering analysis and solutions whenever possible.

Respect others. Respect confidentiality and privacy of library patrons, coworkers, and AmeriCorps members.