Level Up!

Here are some ideas to take your service to the next level!

Attend a Community Event (PDF): Before you attend a community function as a Guiding Ohio Online represenative, here are some things to think about

Community Data Gathering (PDF): What data can you gather about your library's community? How can that be put to use?

Create a Volunteer Handbook (PDF): Create a volunteer handbook using these template and instructions

Create or update a Handout (PDF): Tips and tricks for create a great handout for patrons.

Create or update a Screencast or Online How-to Guide (PDF): How to create a step-by-step tutorial for patrons online.

Demographics and Polices (PDF): Reflect on how the demographics of your library's community are represented in different policies.

Emerging Technology (PDF):

Evaluate the Effectiveness of a Service (PDF):

Google Analytics (PDF):

Implement a New Technology (PDF)

Open Source Software (PDF):

Partnerships (PDF):

Privacy (PDF):

Put Together a Technology Policy (PDF):

Put Together a Troubleshooting Checklist (PDF):

Reflect (PDF):

Safe Social Networking (PDF):

Social Media (PDF):

Staff Training (PDF)

Understanding Filtering (PDF):

Understand Security (PDF)

Understanding the needs of People with Disabilities in Your Community (PDF)

User Experience (PDF)

Web Content (PDF)