Great Story: My First Patron

Great Stories are written by Guiding Ohio Online AmeriCorps Members about their service.

The first class that I taught as an AmeriCorps member was a basic computer class.  The class reviewed the basic fundamentals of computer use. The patrons learned how to turn the computer on and how to save files.

   The class had an audience of two senior citizens, a man and women.  The man stated that he wanted to learn how to use a computer to stay connected with his children and grandchildren.  Half way through teaching the class, the man suddenly stopped me and asked, "How did you learn all of this without breaking the computer?" I smiled and said “you don’t have to be afraid of breaking a computer; it would be really hard to break a computer”.  That is one of the most asked questions I usually hear in my classes.  When you find out something is broken, is the moment that you find out how to fix it.  By fixing the problem you can learn so much.  The basic computer class was by far my favorite class to teach. Nothing was more exciting than teaching someone something new.  Computers can be more than just a box of parts; it is an amazing resource than can become a great tool for any task.

-Anthony Johnson