Great Story: My Brush with Fame

Great Stories are written by Guiding Ohio Online AmeriCorps Members about their service.

I have a patron, lets call him Johnnie, and I helped set up his GPS and familiarized him with his new phone. He came back about a month later for more help, and we worked on the computer learning about downloading music. I even taught him to copy video from disc to disc so he could duplicate something he shot and pass it on to the folks in the video.


 Johnnie is one of those people who are just full of life and always happy. He is also a DJ in his spare time and got super excited when talking about wanting to update is audio equipment and I explained how he could do everything he wanted from an Ipad and probably not have to update anything else and keep his expense down. Johnnie inundated me with me with thanks for my help, promised to spread the word, and vowed to be back when ready for Ipad help. I figured that would be the next time I would see him.


It had been a couple months since Johnnie had been around and I had sort of forgotten about him in the busyness of things. While at a neighboring town’s fall festival with my son, we were both impressed with the gentleman who rode by on a float imitating Roy Rogers. He had the shtick down real well, the cowboy music blaring away, and really looked the part.  Aaron and I both thought he was one of the highlights of the parade. As we were heading for the car later I hear someone call my name and when I turn to see who it is, it’s Roy Rogers…….well, Johnnie really, but boy did he look the part. He had taken up the Roy Rogers impersonator role recently and was having a great time. Johnnie bubbled over telling me how the float was the first time he used his new Ipad to run his music system and he had managed to load the songs himself. He said he could have never done it without the help I had provided…..So, now I feel proud about my work and about being a part of Roy Rogers success…lol

-Jim Whistler