Great Story: Applying Online

Great Stories are written by Guiding Ohio Online AmeriCorps Members about their service.

A young woman came into the library and was utilizing one of our computers for some time. She was becoming visibly frustrated and before I was able to approach her, she finally threw her hands up in the air and exclaimed, “That’s it! I give up!” before standing up and heading to the front door.

               I asked the lady if I could help her with something and she explained that she wanted to apply for a job at a local restaurant but had to do it online and didn’t understand how. After guiding her through doing a quick search, we found the business website’s job postings and located a position she was interested in applying for. I quickly walked her through how to advance through the screens and indicate she had read over the required information and before long she was on the application screen and began filling out the form and I later helped her with uploading her resume.

               A week or so later, the young woman came back in the library and exuberantly thanked me for all my help. She had been called for an interview and was on her way, but wanted to stop in and thank me for helping her figure out how to apply for the job.  She went on to explain that she had been struggling for some time trying to find an employer that would accept her and she was restricted to finding employment locally because of some medical issues that prevented her from being able to drive. I asked her to let me know how the interview went and within a few more days, the young lady returned to tell me she was on her way for her first day of work.

               The young lady thanked me again for helping her apply for the position and said she would have never been able to get the position if it hadn’t been for my help. I explained it was her resume and experience that caused her to get hired and it had nothing to do with the guy who was serving at the library helping people with the computers.

-Bryce Bezdek