Great Story

Great Stories are written by Guiding Ohio Online AmeriCorps Members about their service.

I had an older lady come in who inquired about computers. She was nervous and apprehensive.  She didn’t have any faith in being about to learn about them.  We set an appointment time and date, and chatted for a while on what she would like to be able to do.  After she had left the staff informed me that she had been in several of the classes that the Library had offered and just could not grasp the knowledge, so she would quit.

            Her appointment date came and we set down together.  She immediately told me that she would probably not be able to learn anything and seemed very sad.  I told her that we had all year and that as long as she didn’t give up I wouldn’t either!  Long story short we spent much time together and I always stayed positive with her.  I gave her encouragement when she was feeling really down about not retaining something, and praised her when she remembered.  She has been one of my most dedicated patrons!  She now types very quickly and accurately, she surfs the web, and she went out and bought her own laptop! J While she is still insecure about the computers and how to use them, she has a true thirst for knowledge and I know she will continue to grow as a teckie.

-Melissa Downs