Great Story

Great Stories are written by Guiding Ohio Online AmeriCorps Members about their service.

I had an elderly patron come in who needed help accessing her unemployment information in order to fill out her tax forms. This was last week and well after the standard tax due date, so she was extremely flustered at being unable to complete her taxes without this information. She had waited because she was unsure of how to access the information and print it off in order to complete her forms.

She came to the library to try and do it for herself, but became quite frustrated with the confusion and difficulty of locating the information she needed. I spent roughly a half an hour showing her the step by step process of accessing her unemployment account and sifting through the documents to find the ones that she needed to print of for herself and her husband. I made sure she had copies of each document that she needed and really took the time to demonstrate the process, so that next time she can do it herself. I also made sure that it was a team effort and that she was actually learning the process. By the end, she was proud of her improvements in mouse control and that she could complete the process on her own. From my perspective it was simply printing a document, but to her it meant that she could do something independently and access her unemployment account and information by herself online. Hopefully, she will continue to come in and gain more experience with computers and the Internet. For now, I'm happy that I have helped her make strides and get her taxes turned in!

-Haley Goodson