Great Story

Great Stories are written by Guiding Ohio Online AmeriCorps Members about their service.

I had a patron come into the library at the time I was leaving.  I already had my coat on and had packed up.  I heard her tell the staff that she needed help with doing a resume as she didn't know how to type and had never used a computer. She said she had to have this done and emailed (yes she didn't have an email account and didn't know what one was) tonight. I took off my coat and went to the counter and told her that I would help her.  She thanked me and said she had just left the interview and they told her she had to have a resume in to them today.  We sat down together and I showed her the templates in Word.  She picked one out and painstakingly typed out her resume.  I walked her through saving her resume on the computer then we set up her email account.  I explained to her and walked her through attaching the resume and sending it, then told her that she could keep a copy of her resume in her email in the draft file.  I told her how to do that.  She thanked me and left.  A few days later she stopped me and told me that she did get the job.  She has been coming in regularly for computer classes now!