Great Story

Great Stories are written by Guiding Ohio Online AmeriCorps Members about their service.

I would have to say joining AmeriCorps is the beginning to my story.   I have always been kind of backwards around people.  So at the beginning I wasn’t’ so sure how to approach people.  I started scheduling and preparing classes. 

Scheduled several for a couple months.  Well I was having no luck one here one there.  This just wasn’t working.   So I began thinking maybe I am not able to do this.  Then I Remembered I had always been told I could do anything and I had told my kids the same. Then I started thinking about that and decided one way or another I would figure this out.  I started to advertise on the radio, took fliers around to all the businesses, hung them up in local store.  This helped a lot.  So now I had to step up and initiate the conversation and tell people what I did and give them my business cards.  It was a slow start.  Then I started getting calls and setting up appointments.  Then I had a few location calling for groups for things like getting people ready to get their GED’s. Then information started getting out by the of mouth.  Then I went and talked the people at Brown County OMJ.  So they are giving out my business cards now. Starting to build on this.  I just happened to go to a Senior Service group and now I have 4 regulars coming to library and I will be going to these monthly.  So I am not so backward now.  I really enjoy talking with people and the smile on their faces when they finally figured something out.  Is worth it?  YES!!!  Now I know I can do this.  I have decided this might be a field I might to explore more closely in the future.

-Pasty Fisher