Great Story

Great Stories are written by Guiding Ohio Online AmeriCorps Members about their service.

My posture didn’t used to be very good, and I had a very hard time looking people in the eye.  I was shy, and I kept to myself.

You, see I had someone who did his best to keep me down, to make me feel as if I were worthless, and useless.

     The particular story of domestic violence isn’t as important as the ending of the story, you see, I have come out of that relationship, I have found out who I really am, instead of the person I was told that I was, and I have been going about finding what makes me, me.

     Over the years, I had hoped that several degrees would help, but they didn’t exactly do the trick. Getting fit certainly helped, but wasn’t the full prescription for change.  Only time, and the regular search for what makes me happy, brought me out of the shell that I had. 

     I have found that what makes me really happy is doing things that change peoples’ lives for the better.  You see, it’s the opposite of what I had. 

     Those moments that define what you are about, the moments that prove what you do is worthwhile, are what changes you from the inside out. My job isn’t rocket science, I just help people in my community access the internet, apply for work, get in contact with their loved ones and other things related to computer literacy. These things, over time, are what taught me how to be truly happy.

    Learning to use the computer is life-changing for people, after they have only a few lessons, their lives are changed, forever.  It isn’t the computer itself that changes their lives, it is the access, to family who are far away, to job opportunities, to skills, or, to explore anywhere in the world, and beyond.

    The changes in me are quite obvious.  I walk very tall now, and I look others in the eye.  I smile, a lot.   

     You can have this same change in you.  Stop by the Hubbard Public Library and ask how you can volunteer.  The priceless benefits are there for you as they have been for me.

by Jeanette Bailey-Sigle