Benefits for Members

Vision: For every Ohioan to be able to fully participate in online government, search and apply for jobs online, understand the risks and benefits to internet finance, connect with family online, and protect personal information in the digital age. 

Need:   In a recent survey of Ohio libraries conducted by the nonprofit OCLC, 53% of rural libraries report that they are the only place in their community that provides free internet access and digital literacy training. In this same survey, lack of staff was cited as the number one reason that libraries of all sizes were unable to provide digital literacy classes.

What You’ll get:

  • Hands-on work experience to brag about on your resume.
  • Networking and support with career goals.
  • Pride of Making a Difference to a community in need.
  • Modest living allowance of up to $12,530 for full-time members and up to $ 6,634 for part-time members. This amount is for the 11-month term.
  • Segal AmeriCorps Education Award of up to $5730 for full-time members and up to $2,865.  for part-time member on successful completion of the 11-month term. Learn More.
  • Forbearance on federal student loans. Learn More.
  • Health insurance is available to full-time members. Learn More.
  • Child care benefits to qualified full-members.Learn More.